300hr Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training with
Rishi Eric Infanti and Jessica Coyne

This is an intensive program for Yoga teachers who wish to extend their knowledge in, and enhance their Yoga teaching practice using, the ancient Indian wisdom of Ayurveda. A pre-requisite to participating in the AYTT is a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification from a Yoga Alliance approved training program.

Starts January 26th, 2018

Advance Your Yoga Career | Deepen Your Practice | Cultivate Your Teaching

Take your practice and teaching to the next level! Join Rishi & Jessica at Zeal Yoga in Jupiter for this unique experience and integrated training program.

The specialized program is offered in an easy to navigate schedule, one weekend per month, Saturday & Sunday (with July & August off), incremented for a total of 300 hours. Each monthly module will provide you with a full immersion in practice and study with both Yoga & Ayurveda. The space between the modules will allow you to return to your daily life and integrate the new information, experience, and inspiration. You will have homework assignments and weekly 1-1 & group phone coaching with Rishi & Jessica between the modules to help stay inspired and engaged.

All hours count toward becoming a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Alliance teacher.


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems, revealing the knowledge of life:

Ayur = life; Veda = knowledge.

The main guiding principles of Ayurveda are i) the mind and body are inextricably connected and ii) the mind has the ultimate power to heal and transform the body.


2018 Dates:

  • January 26-28
  • February 9-11
  • March 9-11
  • April 20-22
  • May 4-6
  • June 1-3
  • September 14-16
  • October 12-14
  • November 2-4
  • December 7-9 GRADUATION

SAMPLE CLASS SCHEDULE (subject to change):

  • Friday Evening:
    7-9pm – Structured & Guided discussion, open discussion and Q&A
  • Saturday:
    – 12:30-3pm – Ayurveda, Asana Clinic (theory & practical session)
    – 3-4pm – working meal break
    – 4-6 pm – Teaching Methodology & Asana Clinic (theory & practical session)
  • Sunday:
    – 12:30-3pm – Ayurveda, Asana & Anatomy
    – 3-4pm – working meal break
    – 4-6 pm – Teaching Methodology & Asana Clinic (theory & practical session)

Note: Class times can be changeable depending on season & year


This teaching will delve further into the srotas (channels within the body through which nutrients, tissues and wastes move) and how these are impacted by asana. This knowledge will enable Yoga teachers to significantly “up their game” in the Yoga teaching arena, bringing increased value to their clients through an enhanced offering. In addition to instructing clients on the use of asana to improve body tone and strength, Yoga teachers will be able to impart knowledge on the healing ability of the mind and body. While participating in the AYTT, you will be within a community of like-minded individuals, supporting each other on a journey of growth, healing, learning and love.

The AYTT is a journey of personal growth which develops your own Yoga practice on a physical, mental and spiritual level. You will learn of the Ayurveda philosophies of non-violence, service and ethical behavior as a practicing yogi. In so doing, you become a living example of yogic living to your students and to the world.

 What You Will Learn:

  • Asana that impact and balance the doshas
  • Vinyasa (asana linked with breath work) flows which affect and balance the doshas
  • Understanding of the concepts of prakruti (the nature or constitution of each individual) and vikruti (the current condition of an individual’s constitution)
  • Location of marmas in the body; how to adjust the marmas to allow the free flow of energy through the nadis and chakras (points of spiritual power in the body)
  • Use of pranayama (yogic breath), dhyana (meditation and concentration) and pratyahara (shutting the mind to distractions) to resolve imbalances in the body
  • Use of kriya (combination of posture, breath and sound), mudras (hand and body movements which affect the energy of the body) with mantra and meditation and the scientific research which supports the benefits of these practices
  • Use of Yoga therapy to support and balance the vayus (functions of the breath which governs bodily activities), dhatus (tissues in the body), tejas (inner radiance, associated with metabolism) and ojas (subtle essence responsible for life)
  • Use of Yoga therapy to support the srotamsi (the srotas within the body)
  • Use of Yoga therapy to minimize ama (toxins in the body) and improve agni (digestive function)
  • Use of asana, pranayama and meditation to control the gunas (the three primal qualities, the main powers of Cosmic Intelligence that determine our spiritual growth)
  • Use of Yoga therapy to manage maya and malas (the illusion of separateness from “The One”)
  • Ayurvedic concepts of living in harmony with the cycles of nature (various seasons and time of day)
  • How to design classes in harmony with the cycles of nature
  • How to design and deliver group as well as personal one-on-one offerings
  • Understanding of Ayurveda precepts such as ahimsa (non-violence) and the concepts of dharma (life purpose) and karma (action)
  • Understanding of how the teaching of Yoga is an act of seva (service)
  • Understanding of yamas (the moral and ethical guidelines for the practicing yogi) and niyamas (the practicing yogi’s internal nature of body, mind and spirit)

Your Teaching Staff:

Rishi Eric Infanti, MA, LMT, ERYT-500®, YACEP, Ayu
A U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Rishi is a teacher of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

He has studied in Mysore, India with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’s family at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute and Acharya V. Sheshadri. His background and training includes over 2,000 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, and has been exploring the psychology of the mind — body connection to foster balance and equanimity, while deepening his passion for movement and contemplation to form his own constitution. It is from this template that he leads a Yoga practice into a calm and focused style of instruction, allowing each student to fully access the practice. Yet, it is from a space of love and compassion that he works with others to bring Yoga into all areas of life as a vehicle for wellness, healing and personal transformation.

It is Rishi’s passion to help people and their canine counterparts to recover their health and live an optimal state. As a multi-modality yoga certification professional, he has the unique ability to quickly identify and treat issues at a variety of levels of being. He has extensive experience with severe physical injuries and ailments while working with high performance athletes to aging seniors. A therapist of a myriad of over 30 modalities, he is board certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork working primarily in sport, neuromuscular and deep tissue, is trained in Ayurveda, energy work and Thai Massage, while straddling both body therapy and traditional physical therapy to heal complex bio-mechanical issues.

Jessica Coyne: ERYT-500®

Jessica believes yoga is an expression of creativity and love.  Through the ups and downs of life, she has found her practice more and more meaningful because it is her own and it changes with each day.  Similarly, each person is unique and ever-changing.  On the mat, there is no judgment — no right or wrong.  Jessica encourages her students to stay present on their mats and honor themselves for where they are today, in the here and now.

Jessica’s admiration for yoga began in 2011, when she reached a personal low point.  Yoga gave her life meaning at a time when she felt incredibly isolated and lost.  Committing to the practice of yoga, Jessica was able to break through barriers that she realized had held me back for years (basically her whole life).  Jessica realized it was her mission to serve others by teaching yoga, and has been incredibly fortunate to do so for over four years now.


Materials & Mandatory Reading List (excerpts & chapters, not entire book cover to cover):
In addition to a complementary manual students receive on the first day of training, the following texts are required (bring all books to every session):

  • Ayurveda and the Mind; by David Frawley
  • Yoga and Ayurveda: Self-healing and Self-Realization; by Dr. David Frawley
  • The Yoga Tradition: Its’ History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice; by Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D.
  • Ayurveda and Marma Therapy: Energy Points in Yogic Healing; by Dr. David Frawley and Dr. Subhash Ranade
  • Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy; by Mukunda Stiles
  • Healing Depression the Mind-Body Way: Creating Happiness with Meditation, Yoga, and Ayurveda; by Nancy Liebler and Sandra Moss
  • Marine on the Mat: Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga – from Parris Island to Mysore India; Rishi Eric Infanti
  • Ayurveda Yoga Therapy, Yoga Chikitsa: Yoga as a Therapy; Rishi Eric Infanti
  • Trail Guide to the Body; Andrew Biel

This reading list will not only assist in your learning as you participate in the AYTT, but will be a source of wisdom throughout your life. Your investment in them represents an investment in your own personal development, your teaching as a Yoga instructor and your personal contribution to the world.

Program cost: (last payment cutoff date is January 15th, 2018)

  • Early bird, $3,700, due by December 31, 2017
  • After December 31st, 2017, $4,200
  • 4 Monthly payments of $1,125, auto-pay only. This is a total of $4,500


Work-study internships may be available for this program. Continue your learning experience and practice with hands-on experience with an opportunity to support your Yoga studies by trading your time while gaining support for your tuition. In the process, students will learn about the daily workings of the business and practice Karma Yoga. Inquire with Rishi for more information, eric@Yoga-WOD.com.

We understand that Yoga Teacher Training is a large commitment of both time and finances. With that in mind, and to offer our teacher trainers a full and supported program, we have created the following cancellation policy: Following your purchase of teacher training tuition, you have a 30-day grace period. If you decide teacher training is not right for you during that time, we will happily refund everything except a $500 deposit, materials cost, and any application fees. Following the 30-day grace period, your tuition will not be refunded.


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