“200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Zeal helped me become a full-time yoga teacher, but more importantly allowed me to grow as a person. During my 8 weeks of training I learned more about my own practice. I became aware of my own habits on & off the mat. I was able to start reprogramming my body, mind, and spirit to become more aligned with one another. I knew I wanted to become a yoga teacher, but I thought it would be an after work and weekend teaching setup. The first night of observing a yoga class, I knew I wanted and needed to teach full time. I decided to quit my 9-5 job that no longer served my higher self and become a full-time yoga teacher. I am currently teaching yoga full time thanks to my yoga teacher training experience at Zeal. Jessica and Jen facilitated moments of deep emotional & spiritual connection to your soul purpose. I connected with my soul purpose, which is to guide people through their own yoga journey. I am eternally grateful for Jessica, Jen, and my 5 other YTT sisters, who have my back and are my support system.” ~ Posey D. (graduate 200hr Yoga Teacher Training)

“When I signed up for the YTT at Zeal Yoga I didn’t know what to expect. I was worried about spending the money and time on something “unnecessary”. I wanted to learn and deepen my practice, but not necessarily become a yoga teacher. Nevertheless, something inside me was saying “Go for it!”, so I went for it and after the first weekend of training, I knew I was in the right place?” ~ Isa A. (graduate 200hr Yoga Teacher Training)

“I loved Yoga Teacher Training at Zeal! It opened my mind and heart to a more consistent yoga practice. Beyond the physical practice, we explored philosophy, meditation and self-discovery. Every teacher at Zeal has been supportive and helpful throughout the whole process.” ~ Jen T. (graduate 200hr Yoga Teacher Training)

“I just completed my Yoga Teacher Training Program with Zeal Yoga and cannot praise Jessica Coyne and Jen Suereth enough for their incredible knowledge, compassion and inspiration! I specifically wanted a YTT program that would provide a thorough teaching of anatomy and alignment along with a deep understanding of the spiritual components of yoga and intelligent flow sequencing….Zeal delivered beyond my expectations in such a loving, supportive environment! I can’t wait to start teaching and sharing my gifts of learning I received from this beautiful program! Thanks Zeal Yoga!” ~ Debbie T (graduate 200hr Yoga Teacher Training)